001 Twenty One

The 1st Day of Your New Life


Welcome to Day oo1 Twenty One

I am Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey and one of the brains behind this 90 Day adventure. Mission: Move you [and me!] off of “top dead center” as we say in the wonderful world of automobiles. Watch My Cousin Vinny for an explanation of that term. {grin}

BTW, [by the way] I do that a lot: Share movies that help make my point.

So, lets get started on what I shall call the 90 Day Journey to Wholeness.

  1. Listen to the Podcast for today: Episode 001 Twenty One

  2. The Alexa Skill mentioned in the podcast just links you to this web page. Please try it if you have an Alexa device or the app on your smartphone or tablet.

  3. If you don’t try the Skill I would still like to have your Mobile number. So please do this: Dial #250 from your mobile and at the prompt say, “Contact Ski Man!”

  4. Read Proverbs Chapter One (Not preaching; sharing wisdom)

  5. Please consider reading it again but this time, take some notes.

  6. Watch and listen to this Earl Nightingale video:
    The Strangest Secret

  7. Get outside if for nothing more than three minutes. Breathe! Stretch.

Dream Big Dreams!

P.S. Want to be held accountable each day? Yes!
P.P.S. Don’t forget the sauerkraut!

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