So, You have read “The Goal”

Or maybe “Critical Chain” or one of the other amazing Eli Goldratt books and you want to become a Jonah. Perfect! You need what we call a Jonah’s Jonah: Someone trained and experienced as a Jonah that can share the insights necessary for YOU to become a Jonah. You got ‘em: The SKI Man!

My Jonah3+3™ Certification is no longer available in person

It also is no longer $8,990.00USD. Register now to beat the price increase!

This six day course (3 days of instruction, 2 days “off”, and then final 3 days) is 8 hours a day of INTENSE front-loading of The Logical Thinking Process and is based on H. William “Bill” Dettmer’s 3rd Generation of the process. It combines the work of Dr. Eli Goldratt with Colonel John Boyd’s OODA Loop. With a little of my “Purple Curve Effect” thrown in for good measure! All conducted remotely and securely via Skype or Fitsi Meet.

Questions? Call me.

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P.S. How do you think I created the Venn Hiring Model™ for 2020?

P.P.S. There has never been a better time to learn these tools for yourself.
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