hard requirements

So there can be NO misunderstanding…

Watching a special on the United States of America Mercury Program of Space exploration the other night, they mentioned that Astronauts had to be 5'11" or shorter to fit in the Mercury capsule.

In other words: If you were 6’ or taller there was no need to apply.

You ain’t getting accepted!

In the world of job requisitions (aka the Job Req), there is often a hard requirement or two that is a show stopper. I have at least one in every Job Req — it is just a fact of life that employers have certain wants and/or needs and as long as it doesn’t break any laws, they are entitled.

Some years ago I was leading a VoiceFirst project and a developer was trying to convince me they could meet my requirements. I countered that if you don’t have a skill in the Amazon Alexa store with Accounting Linking, you cannot state you will be able to make it happen.

We went back and forth and I needed it done and they wanted to “get into the market” of building complex Alexa Skills, so I caved. You can see the hand writing on the wall, right? It was a disaster. But even worse, they insisted on being paid even though they failed.

When you see one of my open job reqs you can be assured any “hard requirements” will in fact be enforced. Period.



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