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Ski’s VoiceFirst Bio

VoiceFirst Exploits of the Ski Man

It started along about 1991 on the NeXT Computer NeXTstation I bought used for three grand, it was simply awesome. As most techies know, the NeXTstep Operating System became Apple Mac OS version X when Steve Jobs returned to run Apple. A colleague turned me on the Simon Says! application [I am not sure of the name] that allow a number of operating system commands via voice like, “Simon Listen Up! Open a Terminal window.”

Then on Amazon Prime Day in 2016 I bought the Alexa Echo device. The ONLY Alexa device for over a year, maybe two. It had potential but very little else.

In October 2017 I joined forces with Tom Montelione, a business colleague of several adventures and we launched Afients to create “audio dashboards” — what Amazon Alexa calls “skills” to interact with data in the cloud by barking commands to your Echo . We soon renamed the...

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Motorcycle Events

What if there were an app for that?

For motorcyclists across the world who struggle to find exciting events or “rides” in their backyard as well as foreign lands (or “local” dealerships for those last minute emergency repairs), our application, the MO App or application in the App Store of your phone is that perfect one-size fits all trip planner for motorcyclists and enthusiasts.

Regardless of your brand, model, or riding style! How cool is that?!
Question? Have you taken the MO Events taste test yet?

We can assure you it is MANY times more enjoyable than any bugs, beetles, or bees you might happen to encounter on your ride. Honest.

What would it take to get you to try this motorcycle event app?

motorcycles events rides localRepairs

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Job Boards

An Outtake from 2009

In 2009 I assembled a team and created the most amazing Job Board. Ever.
But I got no respect. No significant funding. No wide-spread adoption.
2020 will be different.

Today’s Podcast: Did You Ask?

Did I mention our Podcast is on ALL major platforms?
Search for “VoiceFirst Careers”
P.S. Checkout what I am doing for the COVID-19 driven year of 2020 (do watch the “explainer” video):

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Farmer Brown

DAY: 159

What is the startup life like in a grand adventure purposely launched into the face of COVID-19? [aka VoiceFirst Careers]

“It’s a good life if you don’t weaken.” —Homer S. Brown

I am reminded of the wise words of a mentor from a project back in the fall of 1983. I wrote an amazing computer application for the Farm Business, Planning, & Analysis (FBPA) initiative of BJVS (now Buckeye Career Center) under the amazing, insightful gaze of Farmer Brown.

In fact, I still have the newspaper clipping announcing the purchase of a Victor 9000 PC and printer along with my programming services. It was written in BASIC. The following year I rewrote the input screens in TurboPASCAL to allow for faster and more accurate data entry.

Much like today, that was a lot of work.

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power notes

One Minute Power Notes
by the Ski Man

001 — There is a Better Way

002 — Five Years from Today…

We are on ALL major platforms:
[to name just a few… search for “VoiceFirst Careers”]

Questions? Dial 250 and say, Contact Ski Man!

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Mark Victor Hansen

This will CHANGE your Life — If you let it!

My hat is off to Dr. Tracey Jones for cornering Mark Victor Hansen for over an hour. This is Mark at his best. Tracey delivers the goods in this episode. Her dad and one of my heroes, Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones would be so proud. Note, there was an electrical storm for a few minutes near the start of the video, but it doesn’t last long and the audio is fine.

I noted 13 life-changing constructs Mark shares in this podcast. I hope to expand on them in the days ahead. Stay tuned… in fact, here is the first:
3:49 mins:
As a leader you have to be:
Transformational and

P.S. When I first bought the book, One Minute Millionaire, I used it to make $8K in about 90days with a partner. My cut was a very nice $4000 for about four hours of work. It is my goal to get so good at it, “inside the system” as Mark says, to duplicate his...

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So, You have read “The Goal”

Or maybe “Critical Chain” or one of the other amazing Eli Goldratt books and you want to become a Jonah. Perfect! You need what we call a Jonah’s Jonah: Someone trained and experienced as a Jonah that can share the insights necessary for YOU to become a Jonah. You got ‘em: The SKi Man!

My Jonah3+3™ Certification is no longer available in person

This six day course (3 days of instruction, 2 days “off”, and then final 3 days) is 8 hours a day of INTENSE front-loading of The Logical Thinking Process and is based on H. William “Bill” Dettmer’s 3rd Generation of the process. It combines the work of Dr. Eli Goldratt with Colonel John Boyd’s OODA Loop. With a little of my “Purple Curve Effect” thrown in for good measure! All conducted remotely and securely via Skype or Fitsi Meet.

Questions? Call me.

Dial 250 and say, Contact Ski Man!

P.S. How do you think I...

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Control the Present

George Orwell. 1984

The Ski Man Introduces an Amazing Podcast:


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VoiceFirst Careers (Explained)

Love it? Or hate it? May we ask for your honest feedback?
FYI: There is a Better Way to Hire Great Talent
On March 23rd of this year when it became obvious that a lot of great Talent would be seeking new and gainful employment, I grabbed a blank sheet of paper and asked a simple question:

What does Hiring look like in The Year 2020?

The Answer? The Venn Hiring Model™

VoiceFirst Careers


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