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Colonel John Boyd



How do you review a whole book in a few words?

Allow me one approach. To highlight a nugget that changed my vantage point. Via a personal story (or two)… by highlighting just one of the chapters. Each chapter is worthy, it just happens that this chapter immediately triggered a “reset” in thoughts about layoffs after breakfast one morning…

Chapter III
Certain to Win by Chet Richards

Colonel John Boyd is reported to have extracted four significant factors from his study of the Blitzkrieg, and called it creating “an organizational climate for operational success:”

  1. Einheit: Mutual trust, unity, and cohesion
  2. Fingerspitzengefuhl: Intuitive feel, especially for complex and potentially chaotic situations
  3. Auftragstaktik: Mission, generally considered as a contract between superior and subordinate
  4. Schwerpunkt: Any concept that provides focus and direction to the operation

Those that...

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FastCharge Support

Not Happy with Your EV Charge?

Think Concierge

“Where is the nearest EV Charger for my _______?”
“Is the charger at _______ functioning properly?”
“Help! I am stranded in ________ !”

We Can Help! — Why Travel Alone?™
VIP Services available soon for Myrtle Beach, SC

Text SUPPORT to 330.992.4754
(8:00 am to 8:00 pm EDT Mon-Sat)



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BOGO Wednesday

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eCommerce done right

It is called Shopify.

Unlike WordPress or other “web solutions” Shopify began life as a shopping cart! No extras or plug-ins to make it work.

How cool is that?!


Besides a cool platform that doubles as a shopping cart, it also offers half a ton of add-ons to make for an exciting website! Exactly the ticket for your startup or that business which might be many years old but no longer performing up to expectations.

Then, consider the tons of insights in the form of videos and blog posts and you begin to see the picture more clearly. Like this post on Branding and the importance of a message that talks DIRECTLY for you and about your business. But wait, there is a lot more… in fact, too much to cover in any one or two sessions.

Let’s talk!

P.S. Suggestion: Hire theSKIman for a 30-days and together, create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Or your money back. 100%...

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One of 27


Today’s issue is brought to you by SKI’s Jonah3+3™

Define JONAH: In the world of Dr. Eli Goldratt’s TOC (Theory of Constraints, which today is considered a Law), we call an expert a “Jonah.” Why? The name comes from the best seller, The Goal — A Process of On-Going Improvement by Goldratt. The problem-solver character, the teacher of common sense throughout the book, is a college professor by the name of Jonah. Once you become trained in “The Logical Thinking Process” (TLTP, a series of logic tools to analyze conflicts) you may be certified as a Jonah. In my case, the class is three days of study and application, then a break of two days to let your brain decompress, then the final two and one-half days. Hence the trademark of Jonah3+3.

Too Intense

Let us start with one small yet profound tool in TOC…

One of the Six Elements of TLTP is the Root Cause Analysis. In TOC-speak we call...

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Ford Downsizing

Once again, the Electric Viking Speaks Up

I love Sam’s insights into the global EV space.

Here is another insightful video from Viking himself. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Tell ‘em SKI sent you.
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