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What can you do in just 90 Days?

In July 2012 I got this idea, why not recreate the international business journal [an old fashion print magazine in full color] I created and launched in March 2001. TOCreview. But only as an ePub for the new Apple iPad Magazine app. So I found a partner, art director, editor, contributors, and a master Adobe InDesign production team. Yes, all in just 90 days.

I love this cover from the 2nd Issue. The first issue went live one year to the day after Steve Jobs passed. Our business entity was known as GoLive Magazine and I assembled a reseller network to help create amazing content in very short order. In fact, one of the magazines we produced went on a tear and for the next 60 months, month in and month out, Life’s Journey magazine appeared on the iPad. Quickly we added Android, then Kindle and finally Nook platforms. What a ride!


P.S. Would it help if we could double your sales in the next 90 days?

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