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So, you need someone to keep the crowd alert?!

Always the class clown, Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey has never been at a loss for words. However, to polish up his organization of material and delivery he joined Toastmasters International while consulting at LexisNexis in Miamisburg, Ohio. He worked his way up to ATM (Advanced ToastMaster) in 1998 in the Fast Trackers club on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The following sections are just some of the highlights…


  1. Making Money with LINUX, Akron Linux User Group; 2019.
    (This is an updated presentation given by SKI to JaxLUG in 1999).
  2. TaskrLedgr CRM for Alexa, Amazon Alexa MeetUp, Columbus, OH; 2019
  3. Do You Need an Alexa Skill, Eastern Wineries Exposition License To Steal Workshop, Syracuse, NY; 2019
  4. SurveyLine for Alexa, Alexa Conference, Chattanooga, TN; 2019
  5. Alexa for You and Me, Tuscarawas County Public Library, New Phila, OH; 2018
  6. The New & Improved 4Ps of Marketing; Sundown Rundown, Columbus, OH; 2017
  7. Should Your Organization have an App; Association for Continuing Legal Education(ACLEA), Austin, TX; 2014
  8. 90 Days is Long Enough to Launch; MoDevEast, Washington, DC; 2012
  9. System Optimization via TOC (Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints); DoD PerformanceSymposium, Lansdowne, VA; 2010
  10. Lean Real Time Performance Management; National Mfg Week, Chicago, IL; 2008
  11. Leading Lean Six Sigma Projects; Quality Expo; Detroit, MI; 2008
  12. Keynote: Theory of Constraints in Production; Northeast Window and Door Association(NWDA), Philadelphia, PA; 2002


  1. Author, Blogger, Podcaster, and Speaker
  2. Software Developer. IBM MVS, PCs, Macs, SunOS, iOS Apps, Android, Nook, Kindle, Samsung Bixby, and Embedded Systems. Hardware too.
  3. Serial and parallel Entrepreneur. 20+ Startups; two exits.
  4. Publisher & Founder, GoLIVE Magazines ; July 2012.
  5. Entrepreneur in Residence and Mentor to numerous startups; Investor.
  6. Jonah’s Jonah Certification in Goldratt’s TOC; January 2011.
  7. Founder, Turismo Cycles (Custom VTwins), New Phila, Ohio; March 2005
  8. Author & Publisher, Purple Curve Effect , April 2004.
  9. Jonah Certification in Goldratt’s TOC; Goal Systems International; 2002
  10. Publisher & Founder, TOCreview magazine; March 2001.
  11. Critical Chain Project Management; A.Y. Goldratt Institute; 1997
  12. A.A.B. in Business Management Technology; Kent State University
  13. Special Recognition Award; Kent State University
  14. Honorable Discharge (E-4); Letter of Commendation; USMC


  1. October 2020 VoiceFirst JOBS Board
  2. November 2019 SoftSkills High
  3. January 2019 Surveys By Voice
  4. August 2014 P&Q Example on iOS
  5. June 2010 Business Advisory Board
  6. October 2000 eCommerce for Vacation Rental companies

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