Making Money in VoiceFirst

by Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey

A short history lesson: Back in 2012 [around the 4th of July] I was excited about the Apple iPad and as a former magazine publisher, it seemed like there was a melding of technology… so I applied and was accepted to a 3-day TechStars accelerator known as Patriot Boot Camp for military veterans [and/or their spouses].

Here, my pitch on day three:

I found the talent needed, an investor, and created some amazing content. I made a modest exit two years later.

Fast ward to September 2017 and I jump with both feet into the VoiceFirst space with Amazon’s Alexa. This year, we added Bixby “Capsules” aka Skills to our offerings.

Did you know you can make money as a techie in this space? In fact, one guy actually bought a Tesla with his earnings. How cool is that?!

Need a speaker on “Making Money in VoiceFirst” — call me:

Just dial #250 and say, “Contact Ski Man!”
Or say, “Alexa, launch Contact Ski Man!”
Or you could text VOICE to 614.412.2001

P.S. Tune in to my podcast now on Samsung’s Bixby Marketplace:
Say, “Start Audio Dashboards Podcast.”

P.P.S. References and such on

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