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If you are not getting ready today, for tomorrow, you are leaving a lot money on the table each and every time you close a sale.

GAP Selling

I have skimmed this book in the past. Not really my thing. That was until a colleague, Bob Stolzberg pitched Keenan during a LiveCast on LinkedIn. It pays to have smart friends. Much like #garyVee, Keenan may be an acquired taste. {grin}

But if you want the facts, and just the facts, he delivers.

FYI: Reach out to Keenan and tell ‘em Ski sent you

The Bottomline

Here are some take-aways to consider on this day of “rest” …

  1. If you buy a Kindle book, there is about an 80% chance that the Alexa team used “Polly” [an AWS tool] to create an audio of the book. I kept asking, “Alexa ask Kindle to Play GAP Selling.” She would beep, and nothing happened. Every week I ask, and today it worked!
  2. If you have a smartphone or a tablet you can add the Alexa app and use your phone to “read” your books to you during downtime.
  3. If your automobile has Bluetooth, you now have the best roadtrip entertainment possible, for FREE!

BTW, that opening image is a screenshot of my TV/2nd computer screen with the amazing Amazon Alexa Fire TV cube “reading” GAP Selling by Keenan to me as I work. One of the only forms of multitasking that I can endorse.


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