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Spring has Sprung! Over at Tuscora Park, in New Phila
The New Phila High School Class of 1973 had this idea, inspired by Chip Street of Custom Cutters. He designed and builds the “World’s Most Comfortable Swing!” And so thirty-some days later the crowdfunding effort raised the funds necessary to make it happen.
arrives.jpg install.jpg
In addition to the BarefootFamily™ Swing, installation requires a concrete slab of some substance to be formed at least a week or more ahead of time.

Allow me to share our gratitude from the NPHS Class of 1973 to the Park Board of the City of New Phila, Oh, and Rod Miller and his Team for helping make this dream a reality.

Guess what? There are plenty more spots for a great “sit down & swing!”

We at AffordableQuarters (AQTRS) are ready, willing, and able to help walk you through the process of making your project come to life. Not just the Founder and Sales Lead, I am also a classmate and the area’s authorized reseller for Custom Cutters of Mount Vernon.

Just give me a shout via phone or text: 330.992.4754

Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey, Project Lead

P.S. Shoutout to our 53 classmates that each donated at least $73 to make this happen. Also to Chip Street for idea, Mayor Joel Day for direction, Mary Ann Otte for coordinating Facebook and various communications, Mark Johnson for helping pitch the Park Board, Jan McInturf, President of the Board, and Superintendent Rod Miller. Plus, the Tuscora Park Foundation for assisting us to make contributions through the proper channels.

P.P.S. Working on Donations for your group to improve Tuscora Park or similar place to “do good & leave an impression” on the world? > Take 10% Off! <

*10% Discount on BarefootFamily Swing or Bench will be applied when you place an item in your cart and click the blue “Check Out” button.

P.P.P.S. You may have seen Chip’s handiwork (and that of his team of amazing artisans) and not been aware. Like the Observation Deck at Ariel Fountation Park. Plus, many of the signs, banners and dumpster enclosures for Knox County businesses have also been designed and crafted by his Team.


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