2020 Day One  

The New Years Resolutions Reimagined…

Beta v0.3 is now LIVE!

Requirements: 1) A mobile phone and; 2) An Amazon Alexa account
[Get Alexa for your Phone or Table for FREE from your App Store]

You can use any one of over 100,000,000 Alexa devices to share your New Years Resolutions, up to three, however, we only communicate via TXT/SMS/MMS messages, hence the need for a mobile phone or other text message platform.

“Alexa, Launch SurveyLine.”
At the ‘survey’ prompt say, “New Year Results.”

That all it takes to get the ball rolling!

What is the secret sauce? Accountability.

Check out this ten minute overview:

Reach out: Text RESULTS to 614.412.2001
Dial #250 and say, “Contact Ski Man”
Say, “Alexa, launch Contact Ski Man.”

A brief word from our Sponsor:

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