Coursework: Double Sales


Are you a Constraints Management [aka TOC] Jonah?

Perhaps you have studied everything that Dr. Eli Goldratt and H. William “Bill” Dettmer ever wrote? You qualify!

By the way, if you are a self-taught Jonah and would like to complete your Jonah training, I can help with that too.

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SKI’s Throughput on Command
Coursework: Double Sales. Guaranteed.

Five Video Lessons in building your own Offering:

  1. Define Your System [aka Step 0]
  2. Introduction
  3. First Things First: The Logical Thinking Process
  4. Marketing your Offering
  5. Ongoing Support from SKI

Bonus: Join SKI’s Authorized Network for “Double Sales in Just 90 Days!”

Example of one of my Marketing Videos:
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Normally, a $899.00USD Course, Signup today for just $499.00USD
Via PayPal in the USA and TransferWise Internationally.
Money Back Guarantee — Ask for details

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