Bottleneck Rules

Which is it?
In America, home of apple pie and the automobile, my colleague Clarke Ching’s book has 41 reviews for an average 4.4 rating but only 20 reviews in the UK. Is it the lack of automobiles or people that account for the difference? Link: Audible ↗

As you might expect, Clarke and I know a lot of the same people. Like Bill Dettmer, author of many of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) books the world has come to depend on for clarification, instruction, and edification. In fact, it was a debate between Clarke and me that motivated Dettmer in no small part to include Appendix E: The 3-UDE Cloud. But I have been known to wander off-topic.

The Big Ask
Now that my book is out of print [the PDF is available] I am happy to promote Clarke’s. {grin} In fact, consider buying the Audible version and if you love it enough, please do take a minute to review it. It would mean the world to me and half again as much to Clarke.

BTW, if you ever find yourself in New Zealand, and did offer up a five-star review of Bottleneck Rules, tell Clarke the coffee is on him!

P.S. Turns out we share another notable friend, Derek Sivers as you will learn in Chapter 5…


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