Brian Roemmele

Larger Than Life — Bearing Gifts

I met Brian last year because of my involvement with the VoiceFirst space. Which is actually a term he coined. How cool is that?!

Brian Knows
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Enough said about that for now.

What about business and more importantly, what about YOUR business? Is your industry on the endangered species list? May I offer some advice?

Did you ever hear the startup story about the team that was accepted to an accelerator, but was basically told, and I am paraphrasing:

Your idea is crap but we love what you guys have been able to do and if you are willing to pivot, we accept you.

In other words, proof positive that your best bet to get accepted is proving your ability to execute around an idea. In life and business. The story went on to say that the team began the 90-day adventure flat-footed: With no idea what business to build.

The Moral of the Story
If you are the owner of a business on the endangered list: Reinvent yourself!

Free feel to bounce your ideas off me. There is money to be made. Today.

P.S. You have not because you ask not.


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