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Hans at User Growth Nails It
Who is reading your mind?

One of my colleagues, Samuel, and I started work on our “editorial content calendar” last week for VoiceFirst Careers. Today, Hans released this amazing video documenting the shortest path to profits from getting this process right. How cool is that?!

Very! Hans and I go back to 2011 when we both rode our first StartupBus hackathon — him in Europe and me in the USA. We became fast friends and have challenged one another to be the best possible versions of ourselves. So was he reading my mind, or was it the other way around?

Give a listen and make notes. Lots of notes. Then #getRdone

Thanks again Hans.

This is some of your best work yet. And that is saying a lot.
P.S. And don’t forget to subscribe. If you don’t he WILL know it! {grin}

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