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New add-on module from eDivision
shuts crackers out of reservation systems

WILMINGTON, NC, October 12, 2000 — Answering the resort reservation industry’s need for a secure, yet affordable way to transmit sensitive information such as credit card numbers over the internet, eDivision.net has introduced RMS2WEB, a turnkey module engineered to shut out would-be intruders without sacrificing efficiency or requiring a “web site makeover.” RMS2WEB is not an alternative to existing reservations processing or web site configuration; it is a simple add-on. “It is comparatively inexpensive,” says eDivision CEO “SKI”, “and since there is nothing to replace, our clients are up and running, doing secure reservations online on their existing web sites with RMS2WEB within days, not months.” The new module was released today at Software Dynamics’ 9th Annual RMS User Conference.

eDivision’s RMS2WEB can be described as a bridge between the internet and host that provides the protection of a well-guarded tunnel. Never, states the company, is sensitive data exposed to crackers. Once privileged information is routed across the internet, RMS2WEB promptly deletes it from the internet, trapping the information and its profits on the side of the secure in-house reservation database.

For details on the RMS2WEB security solution and other eDivision eCommerce, iCommerce tools and bridges

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