jobless? start here

[or as soon as the shock clears!]

Here is the advice I didn’t get the day my job was lost back in the day. If like me, you got caught with your income at risk, perhaps today it was being blind sided by that virus “thing” then, be of good cheer! There is a solution.

In fact it is very simple. But it won’t be easy. However, if you spend 40 hours a week attacking your circumstances now that you have the time, you may never find yourself in this dilemma again. How cool would that be?!

As Stephen Covey said, “First Things, First!”

This message changed my life circa 1981.
This is from Earl Nightingale circa 1950!
Think about that. Before you watch/listen, here are the best next steps:

1) Listen to Earl’s message

2) Then, listen a second time and take notes

3) Finally, share those notes with me and I will tell you the next step

Expected investment in time: 40min + 80mins listening, stopping, and taking notes, and re-starting the message.

Ready. Set. Go!

#simpleButNotEasy #justDecide then #getRdone

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