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Welcome to Episode 21T on Bad Multitasking For Job Seekers

Do you ever just want to scream, especially when reading the Help Wanted adverts? Me too, and I am not even looking for work! The worst for me is the call for “Great Multitaskers” as if that is something to be proud of in a candidate. Did I mention how broke the Hiring model is for these times in which we find ourselves: “In The Year 2020?”

There is a better way

I love Venn Diagrams, how ‘bout you?

Consider our business model in just one slide. Allow me to cut to the chase: We don’t believe the Résumé has any place in the early stages of the Hiring or Recruiting process. And we don’t want our Talent [aka the candidate] talking to HR until the Hiring Manager has made the decision to hire.

Oh yea, we don’t need your email address. That is so last century.

Allow me to explain :

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