John Myers

Allow me to introduce you to one of the Good Guys: John Myers.

I met John ten (10) years ago today at 7:00pm in the Hudson, Ohio Library. That was on a Monday, 18 OCT 2010. I have four pages of notes on his presentation about Angel Investors. Among his credetials: he was Co-Founder of the Akron Regional CHange Angels (ARCHAngels) Investment Network in NEOhio.

After his presentation I rushed to the lectern to shake his hand and give him my card. Yes, I still used them back in the day. It had my name, phone number, email address and one statement:

John took one look and said, “That is a bold statement.”

We both were right. Even more so today… as Gary Vaynerchuk likes to point out, putting that word on a card or social media profile is not sufficient. But since age 11, I have been in fact making my way and most often paying myself from my thoughts and actions. I have created businesses. Bought and sold businesses. Even bought a franchise and ran it for years, in fact expanding to a second location and adding product lines. Entrepreneur-like stuff. No unicorns [yet] but a number of lifestyle businesses.

But this is about John. A straight shooter than earns my respect more and more each time we interact. Like when he joined the team at WasteBits. Yea, that WasteBits. You may not know it was officially formed on my Las Vegas StartupBus in March of 2012. Ask me some day for the backstory complete with RackSpace insights few know.

Thank you John for always being upfront, passionate, and truly interested in me and my efforts. You my friend are a mentor of the First Order. And a friend. Let me know how I can help advance your efforts. Anytime.

P.S. And thanks for your help with the educational efforts in NEOhio.


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