“Hey Ski Man, what are you up to?”

What I’m doing now

[updated 04/13/2020 22:12 EDT]
Long day… not to worry, I just took a nap. {grin}
New podcast up Spreaker #VoiceFirstCareers
Busy day tomorrow.
Work In Progress: The 7min Hire [aka how hiring gets done re: COVID-19]
[updated 04/12/2020 07:29 EDT]

  1. Working on Project: GoLive: Wednesday 04/22/2020
  2. Listening to Tim Ferriss interviewing Maria Sharapova (2+hrs)
  3. Loving Overcast’s ability to jump to a passage: Rejection
  4. Building a new Shopify store
  5. Launching a New podcast on Spreaker so it will appear in Overcast
  6. Recording an Easter version of Audio Dashbaords Podcast
  7. Easter with family via

[updated 03/22/2020 04:33 EDT]
Sundays are PERFECT for Dream Building

Also working on a Proposal for Agile Audio Dashboards in the wearables space obviously with a #VoiceFirst component.


[updated 02/16/2020 10:54 EST]

promoting the 2nd session of The 4th Friday Series of “WTN”
updated my Samsung Chrome “crouton linux” to python3.8.1
working on Project Barlow [ask me in ~70 days]
working on a cool new marketing mailer [oldSchool!]
working on a series of Facebook ads [yea, not for me] {grin}

[updated 01/26/2020 13:42 EST]
Three Things*

  1. Coming tomorrow, sDBR episode 04 “Doing the Math”
  2. Recap from last Friday’s 1st Working The Net session
  3. New link for the next Event: Working The Net: DiSC® 101     Save The Date: February 28th at 11am Sharp!

Save The Date: Monday, 01/06/2020 on LinkedIn:
I will be starting a series on sDBR [aka Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope] from the Theory of Constraints (TOC) toolbox on how to MAXimize ROI for startups and businesses needing more/better cashflow. Yes, sDBR started in manufacturing but is no longer relegated only to mfg:

[previously reported here, yet coming soon]
Working on a couple of ideas and promoting the upcoming VoiceFirst event in Chattanooga, TN the week of January 13, 2020: ProjectVoice

Project Voice Trailer 2

Where can you catch up to me? Great question.


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