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Today’s issue is brought to you by SKI’s Jonah3+3™

Define JONAH: In the world of Dr. Eli Goldratt’s TOC (Theory of Constraints, which today is considered a Law), we call an expert a “Jonah.” Why? The name comes from the best seller, The Goal — A Process of On-Going Improvement by Goldratt. The problem-solver character, the teacher of common sense throughout the book, is a college professor by the name of Jonah. Once you become trained in “The Logical Thinking Process” (TLTP, a series of logic tools to analyze conflicts) you may be certified as a Jonah. In my case, the class is three days of study and application, then a break of two days to let your brain decompress, then the final two and one-half days. Hence the trademark of Jonah3+3.

Too Intense

Let us start with one small yet profound tool in TOC…

One of the Six Elements of TLTP is the Root Cause Analysis. In TOC-speak we call it the Current Reality Tree (CRT). And yes, get ready for a bunch of acronyms. How can you know why the wheels came off if you don’t ask those involved in the business?

The Wailing Wall

The SKI Man will guide you and your leadership team through a simple yet thorough exercise (a Zoom session is perfect!) to help YOU determine the “one weakest link” disrupting your ability to deliver on your company’s promises. Achieving a 97% Due Date Performance is not unheard of in our world. What is your percentage of orders shipped COMPLETE and ON TIME? We consider this a KPI (key performance indicator)!

Quick Video Intro & Pricing

The Offering

Purchase a Custom Solution that together we build for your company. We start with the Root Cause Analysis aka The Current Reality Tree.

The bottom line is quite simple: #YouHaveNotBecauseYouAskNot


Reach out. It is as easy as sending a text:


Terms & Privacy

I reserve the right to agree or decline to work with new clients.

You agree to pay in advance via Wire Transfer in order to get started ASAP. If you prefer to mail in a Cashier’s Check we must wait until my bank clears it. I do not offer banking services and they do not offer business consulting.

I suggest we both sign an agreement that we will protect any trade secrets or “special sauce” that might be discovered as we work together.

100% Money back guarantee. No questions asked. None. Zero. Zilch!

However, we will not work together again. Please allow up to 30 days.

Next step: You text me your desire to proceed. We talk. You pay.

Then and only then do we schedule.

Questions? Ask!


P.S. As mentioned in the video, once you understand and comprehend the brilliance of TOC for Root Cause of Analysis, if you wish to become a Jonah and learn to fix ALL of your challenges, I will apply your payment towards the Jonah3+3 Certification.

P.P.S. Why is this titled, One of 27? I have 25 other offerings you may or may not be interested in for quickly advancing your business. By the way (BTW), consider checking out my Newsletter: Coffee w/ SKI … over 500 professionals (and growing!) use it to stay informed!

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