The Power of Three

We all have to start somewhere, right?

Let’s start with our superpower. Yours. Mine. The next guy. By the way (btw), “guy” is generic and has no concept of gender associated with it. At least not in my world.

My superpower? The ability to recall almost any and all business lessons from my memory banks. On-demand. Regardless where I acquired the knowledge. One of the three things that makes me, me.

“You have not because you ask not.”

How might I help advance your life’s mission?


P.S. Three suggestions for reaching out to me (you saw that coming, right?):

  1. I only work with people that I “know, like, and trust” so, therefore, we must be connected somehow someway and my preferred channels are a) we have met in person; b) we are connected on LinkedIn; c) or someone I know, like, and trust has introduced us
  2. So, given item one, TXT: TIME2TALK to 330.992.4754

P.P.S. Of course as a card-carrying member of the VoiceFirst movement:

“Alexa launch Contact Skiman”


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