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Two amazing books designed to give rise to the power of YOU!

Purple Curve Effect — SKI’s Throughput on Command
by Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey with Thayer Bennett
foreword by H. William Dettmer
Publisher: Throughput Press; July 4, 2004

Primed to empower you right where you are right now, this book is about creating outrageous growth and success. It zeros in on the heart of Constraints Management Method (CMM), based on Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC), then adapts it for immediate use by individuals, entrepreneurs and even those working in the trenches of large organizations.

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Out takes on Purple Curve Effect: The Weakest Link

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Awaken Your Genius — Passion and Excellence comes from Within
by Ricardo Andorinho
foreword by Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey
Publisher: Throughput Press; November 30, 2009 (USA)

“Real people solving real problems… that is the genius that is Ricardo da Costa Andorinho, and his wish for his fellow man. The ability to see the world from various, if not numerous, vantage points, and to see the end of a matter beginning a journey of a thousand miles. Or a few steps.”
—SKI, from the Foreword

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