Printing, Publishing, and Marketing via Software as a Service
by ThroughputPress


So, here is the offer spelled out so there is no (okay, maybe just less) confusion:

  1. You must be considered by others to be a Thought Leader in your industry
  2. You should be a 1st Level connection on LinkedIn
  3. We prefer first-time authors that felt their first book was undervalued
  4. The target market is the personnel in B2B organizations
  5. Each contributor gets one chapter in the book
  6. Plus, 500 copies of the whole book to resell or give away
  7. “The Handshake Agreement” (THA) must be signed to confirm the arrangement

Price of admission: $2000.00USD and is 100% refundable up to 30 days before the publication date, however, monies will not be refunded if requested, until the book goes live.

From the fees (due upfront) we will spend at least $12,000 on advertising on marketing the book and its authors. This will include social media and various audio and video podcasts.

Each author will own the Copyright to their respective chapters. They are paid royalties within 31 days of receipt of any such monies on a formula AMT/(N+1) of the total. In other words, if there are 12 authors and the monies received in a period equaled say $13,000, then each author will receive 13000/(12+1) or $1000.00. As editor of the completed work, ThroughPutPress is receiving one share (the +1 in the formula) of the earnings.

We are providing professional final editing of all materials to maintain quality.

Once we have at least 12 co-authors, the 90-Day Project begins. Details and timelines will be shared once your THA is signed and returned. We still have time to meet the Christmas target for this year, so please share this link with any person you think should be considered.

My 20+ years in printing, publishing, events marketing, and advertising are key to our success. However, without great content, there would no reason to proceed.

I, Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey, reserve the right to select or reject any offers to join this effort, for any reason or no reason at all. This is a free enterprise effort to help share valuable insight with a body of business professionals that might not otherwise have access to the insights shared.

Questions? Ask. Best channel:
Text the word “BOOK” to 330.992.4754

Ready to get started? Or want to know more?

Link: Book Deal

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