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voice branding

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Are you into the VoiceFirst space?
Know a software dev with NodeJS mad skills?
Hiring: Open NodeJS Job Req

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hard requirements

So there can be NO misunderstanding…

Watching a special on the United States of America Mercury Program of Space exploration the other night, they mentioned that Astronauts had to be 5'11" or shorter to fit in the Mercury capsule.

In other words: If you were 6’ or taller there was no need to apply.

You ain’t getting accepted!

In the world of job requisitions (aka the Job Req), there is often a hard requirement or two that is a show stopper. I have at least one in every Job Req — it is just a fact of life that employers have certain wants and/or needs and as long as it doesn’t break any laws, they are entitled.

Some years ago I was leading a VoiceFirst project and a developer was trying to convince me they could meet my requirements. I countered that if you don’t have a skill in the Amazon Alexa store with Accounting Linking, you cannot state you will be able to make it happen.


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the strangest secret

by Earl Nightingale

Are you looking for a job? Or a career?

Watch/listen to this and then let’s talk. If Earl says something that seems profound, write it down. As in life, there will be questions!

How is good is that?!

In just 30 days you could land that “first, best career” of your dreams.


P.S. Looking for hired help in your career search? VoiceFirst Careers↗

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workforce procurement

One of the Adventures of the Ski Man

2009, the R1 Job Board and Search Aggregator, example Use Case:

From WHHI-TV, Hilton Head Island, SC:

Note: The domain name and phone number are no longer valid

Fast Forward to 2020
I am excited to offer a new solution to unique hiring and unemployment challenges facing the USofA in the wake of COVID-19. Questions? Schedule some time and let’s talk.
VoiceFirst Careers and Retired Marketing Mad Man are trademarks of serial entrepreneur, Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey.

©2020 Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey

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GoLIVE Magazine

Once upon a time… [to be continued]

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jobless? start here

[or as soon as the shock clears!]

Here is the advice I didn’t get the day my job was lost back in the day. If like me, you got caught with your income at risk, perhaps today it was being blind sided by that virus “thing” then, be of good cheer! There is a solution.

In fact it is very simple. But it won’t be easy. However, if you spend 40 hours a week attacking your circumstances now that you have the time, you may never find yourself in this dilemma again. How cool would that be?!

As Stephen Covey said, “First Things, First!”

This message changed my life circa 1981.
This is from Earl Nightingale circa 1950!
Think about that. Before you watch/listen, here are the best next steps:

1) Listen to Earl’s message

2) Then, listen a second time and take notes

3) Finally, share those notes with me and I will tell you the next step

Expected investment in time: 40min + 80mins listening...

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Yep, the Auto Mag .44

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an idea that won’t die [aka a Dream methinks]

There are better choices…

What if?

I ask that a lot… first, of myself of course. Of those things around me. Then it just gets crazy from there. What if there were a better way?

Call me

blockchain veteranOwned noGrid 2a USAbased homesteadProject is a Brand Trademark of Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey, Entrepreneur.
©2020 by Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey.

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latest & greatest from the ski man

We are on ALL major platforms. Search for “VoiceFirst Careers”

Are you in VoiceFirst?

Think of us as a marketplace or bazaar in which talent connects with entities like startups, small, and medium-sized businesses to produce amazing works of original art in the form of VoiceFirst skills.

Let’s talk. Reach out. I am always looking for guests for the show. Remember, “You have not because you ask not.”

P.S. Grab your mobile and Dial 250 and say, Contact Ski Man!

VoiceFirst careers hiring recruiting staffing JeffSkiKinsey

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Don’t Do It


Welcome to Episode 21T on Bad Multitasking For Job Seekers

Do you ever just want to scream, especially when reading the Help Wanted adverts? Me too, and I am not even looking for work! The worst for me is the call for “Great Multitaskers” as if that is something to be proud of in a candidate. Did I mention how broke the Hiring model is for these times in which we find ourselves: “In The Year 2020?”

There is a better way

I love Venn Diagrams, how ‘bout you?

Consider our business model in just one slide. Allow me to cut to the chase: We don’t believe the Résumé has any place in the early stages of the Hiring or Recruiting process. And we don’t want our Talent [aka the candidate] talking to HR until the Hiring Manager has made the decision to hire.

Oh yea, we don’t need your email address. That is so last century.

Allow me to explain :

Promo Video for VoiceFirst Careers Episode

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