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SKI’s Speaker BIO

So, you need someone to keep the crowd alert?!

SKI wrote the foreword and his Throughput Press published Awaken ©2008)

Always the class clown, Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey has never been at a loss for words. However, to polish up his organization of material and delivery he joined Toastmasters International while consulting at LexisNexis in Miamisburg, Ohio. He worked his way up to ATM (Advanced ToastMaster) in 1998 in the Fast Trackers club on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The following sections are just some of the highlights…


  1. Making Money with LINUX, Akron Linux User Group; 2019.
    (This is an updated presentation given by SKI to JaxLUG in 1999).
  2. TaskrLedgr CRM for Alexa, Amazon Alexa MeetUp, Columbus, OH; 2019
  3. Do You Need an Alexa Skill, Eastern Wineries Exposition License To Steal Workshop, Syracuse, NY; 2019
  4. SurveyLine for Alexa, Alexa Conference, Chattanooga, TN...

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You Have Not Because You Ask

By the way, 80/20 Rule, you do not bring up the salary. Let them.

The biggest mistake you can make right now when interviewing is selling yourself short. The supply of great Talent available to employers is severely limited. Know your Number! Before you have that all important talk.

Of course this presumes you are worth it!

Well, are you?

Be respectful but know it may be another year before any raises are given. Make sure you don’t sell yourself short. Be fair. Be respectful. Be willing to discuss it and compromise if you must. Don’t forget if you are traveling that is extra fuel expense and maybe you need childcare for a longer time.

Your new employer will appreciate your professionalism.

Otherwise, it could be a mistake.
Questions? Dial 2 5 0 and say, Contact Ski Man!

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Reminder: Together, we CAN in fact, Double Your Sales!

Often in less than 90 days. Honest.

How can I say that? Three reasons:

  1. I have personally done it
  2. I have helped other clients do it
  3. Once you know the “secret” it is repeatable

You have not because you ask not.

Still interested? Great. Call or Text me. Now!
Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey, Entrepreneur

P.S. Now with over 19 hours of Podcasts for your edification!
Search for “VoiceFirst Careers” on all major platforms!


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Welcome, have you try our newest skill?

Show Notes:
Billy Dees Podcast on Spreaker
Sandy Munro & Elon Musk on YouTube

To your Alexa device or app on your smartphone please repeat after me:

Alexa, launch Virtuality Suite
At the prompt say,
Day 34

How cool is that?!
Good morning! It is another GREAT day in NEOhio… plus, as Les Brown says, “Any day you wake up without a white chalk outline around your body is a great day!”

But seriously, may I ask a question? A really tough question?

Do you know how to double your sales in the next 90 days?

Not to worry. I do.

I have done for me. I have done it for clients. I am willing to help you do it.

  1. You must be a privately held business in one of the Contiguous United States of America
  2. You cannot be in the food or beverage industries (Call Gordon Ramsay!)
  3. You MUST be willing to take direction and ACT on the insights you will gain

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Patrick Bet-David

One of the Good Guys worth following

From time to time you run across folks that I call “larger than life” and making a difference. Patrick is one of those guys. Give a listen and if you like what you hear, give a follow on LinkedIn [or where ever]. Tell'em SKI sent you.

found today: 032 of Year 2021:

Stay tuned for more great insights from Patrick

Need help fixing Cashflow in your business? Let’s talk.
P.S. In the days ahead watch for the rebirth of GoLIVE magazine

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How many Business Lessons can YOU find in Moneyball?

I recommend you watch it once for entertainment with the family…

Then tomorrow, you alone watch it and take notes.

Let me know how many mistakes you now see you and your people making every single day in your business.

Ready to put more money in your pocket?
Dial 2 5 0 and say, Double Sales!

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Questions? Dial 2 5 0 and say, Double Sales!

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YOU ARE HERE —> Day 031

Sunday’s are GREAT for Dream Building

Make mine a HondaJet!

Questions? Dial 250 and say, Contact Ski Man!

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zoom (ouch)

It’s time to ZOOM again…

For those that somehow feel they don’t ZOOM enough (ouch!) comes another chance:
Time to recapture our youth!

In August 2011 [more or less] a few of us gathered to share our love of the book, The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann. What an amazing adventure. Then the pandemic. Can we relaunch our think tank as a virtual organization?

We shall try. Every Friday at 12noon. Ask me for the password.
P.S. Invite someone who has read the book to join us.

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Life in These 28 Days

What are you working on?

If you missed our LiveCAST today [audio only], now you have it.

What does the number 28 mean to you? I love this fun fact:

Saturn takes approximately 28 years to orbit the sun.

You have not because you ask not.

Questions? Call or Text me (USA Only):

Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey
(330) 992.4754

P.S. Want to talk about Doubling Sales in the next 90 days? You must qualify. Schedule an appointment via the link and let’s talk.

P.P.S. Tomorrow: The magical powers of Day Twenty-Nine!

BONUS: A recent LiveSKICAST:

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