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6000watt Laser

Have LASER — Will CUT!

Did we mention that at LaserCTZ we can supply the Steel and Cut it as well?
Ready for a QUOTE?

It all starts with your DXF file.

Is your shop anywhere near Mount Vernon, Ohio?
The inner ring is one (1) hour out; the outer ring is 90 minutes…
Want to talk metal cutting particulars? Let’s schedule a call…

Maybe you need a second opinion on expanding or shoring up your Supplly Chain? Or perhaps you have services we could promote to your circle of influence? Our Marketing Services represent over twenty years of successes in manufacturing (CAD/CAM, MRP-II, Theory of Constraints), distribution, and retail. However, our sweet spot is B2B adventures for fun and profit. You have not beause you ask not.

Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey, Jonah
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Privacy Policy: We never, ever share your information with anyone outside our organization. Trust is a key...

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Why Critical Chain Project Management?

by Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey, Jonah’s Johah


This was a great podcast today, talking about the power of a “critical chain” aka CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management) for resource scheduling over the traditional “critical path” aka CPM. In Goldratt’s world, he thought in terms of Drum-Buffer-Rope to in order to overcome delays or conflicts when dealing with Constraints (the “C” in his Theory of Constraints). Give a listen:


Let me know.

Rather than a link, I have also embedded the LEAN Project Mgt LiveCAST (previously recorded) here as well. Do take a look and let me know what you take-aways helped your thought process:

P.S. Have Insights — Will Mentor!
References or to schdule a call:

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Printing, Publishing, and Marketing via Software as a Service
by ThroughputPress


So, here is the offer spelled out so there is no (okay, maybe just less) confusion:

  1. You must be considered by others to be a Thought Leader in your industry
  2. You should be a 1st Level connection on LinkedIn
  3. We prefer first-time authors that felt their first book was undervalued
  4. The target market is the personnel in B2B organizations
  5. Each contributor gets one chapter in the book
  6. Plus, 500 copies of the whole book to resell or give away
  7. “The Handshake Agreement” (THA) must be signed to confirm the arrangement

Price of admission: $2000.00USD and is 100% refundable up to 30 days before the publication date, however, monies will not be refunded if requested, until the book goes live.

From the fees (due upfront) we will spend at least $12,000 on advertising on marketing the book and its authors...

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Yep. Take Jim Collins’ Good to Great “Flywheel” concept and apply it to multiple streams of income. What do get? soFLY dot design!

Questions? Text “SO FLY” to 330.992.4754

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python dev wanted

Text PubSAAS to 330.992.4754

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Tuscora Projects

Spring has Sprung! Over at Tuscora Park, in New Phila
The New Phila High School Class of 1973 had this idea, inspired by Chip Street of Custom Cutters. He designed and builds the “World’s Most Comfortable Swing!” And so thirty-some days later the crowdfunding effort raised the funds necessary to make it happen.
arrives.jpg install.jpg
In addition to the BarefootFamily™ Swing, installation requires a concrete slab of some substance to be formed at least a week or more ahead of time.

Allow me to share our gratitude from the NPHS Class of 1973 to the Park Board of the City of New Phila, Oh, and Rod Miller and his Team for helping make this dream a reality.

Guess what? There are plenty more spots for a great “sit down & swing!”

We at AffordableQuarters (AQTRS) are ready, willing, and able to help walk you through the process of making your project come to life. Not just the Founder and Sales Lead, I am also a...

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Staff My Agency

My NDA Non-Compete Agreement has expired.

Strategy & Tactical Consulting.

Staffing & Recruiting. Mentoring.


P.S. Need someone to hold you accountable?

©Copyright 2021-22 by Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey.

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Class of 73 Swing



[instructions go here]


Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey
513 Mill Ave SE; PMB 267
New Philadelphia, OH 44663

Phone/TXT: 330.992.4754

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Critical Thinking


Interesting Topic Methinks

This came up on Clubhouse tonight and I didn’t get a chance to weigh in, so here are my two cents (as it is important)…

Read along with me:

the process — what a great start…

thinking carefully — is there any other way? Of course, but don’t!

without allowing feelings or opinions — that is a huge and tough ask!

to affect you — exactly!

Among the comments I wanted to share was this:

The better the framework for your process
The better the results!“

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First, best destiny: Consultant

hiring done right

Episode Three of theSKIman Podcast on Spreaker

Text SKI to 330.992.4754


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